Hannah Waters
freelance writer
My writing on science and the environment has been published by National Geographic, Audubon, Slate, Smithsonian, Hakai and Vice Motherboard. Read selected recent work below.

Eye Trials Give Hope for Stem Cells

Photo: Leni Murphy

The Scientist — Preliminary data from human embryonic stem cell trials for two degenerative eye disorders are promising, but challenges remain for more complex tissues.

Four-in-one HIV pill may be exception among combination drugs


Nature Medicine — Combining multiple medicines into a single pill is harder than it sounds.

Graphic design in pharma ads traces the history of healthcare – Nature Medicine

Ad for Roche by Aldo Calabresi for Studio Boggeri, photo by Sergio Libis, 1959

Nature Medicine — Unrecognizable today, early drug ads were bold, colorful statements for the nascent field of graphic design.

Antimalarial armament remains strong, despite lingering concerns over drug resistance


Nature Medicine — Three widely-used artemisinin variants are equally effective at ridding youngsters of the malaria parasite.

Autism, Authenticated


Nature Medicine — A burst of research into the genetics of autism has given scientists insight into the basis for the disorder. Now, some companies aim to capitalize on these findings by developing DNA screens that might one day provide a diagnosis at birth.

Better animal models needed for malaria vaccine development


Nature Medicine — Despite a half century of research into malaria, laboratory models of the disease have changed little — a fact that could be hindering the development of new vaccines.

Rick Perry isn’t the only one getting pharmaceutical donations


Nature Medicine — The pharmaceutical industry contributed more than $30 million to political causes during the 2010 election cycle alone.

Cheap drugs pulled despite wealth gap in middle-income countries

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 6.37.06 PM

Nature Medicine — The growing wealth of many developing countries is adding a wrinkle to the calculus of which nations get cheap access to essential medicines.

FDA rushes approval of first mutation-specific melanoma drug


Nature Medicine — The FDA approved the first of a new class of skin cancer drugs aimed at a common mutation implicated in driving tumor growth.

Abuse-resistant painkillers get mixed FDA response


Nature Medicine — With painkiller addiction on the rise, drugmakers have come up with clever ways to discourage abuse.

An Unlichenly Pair


  The Scientist — A young botanist pays tribute to his mentor by naming a newly discovered, rare species in his honor.