Hannah Waters
freelance writer
My writing on science and the environment has been published by National Geographic, Audubon, Slate, Smithsonian, Hakai and Vice Motherboard. Read selected recent work below.

Knights in Shining Fur: The Fight to Save Australia’s Littlest Penguins

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Audubon — Most dogs harass nesting birds. But maremma dogs helped revive a penguin colony off of Australia’s coast.

No Birdsong Near Abandoned Colorado Mines


Audubon — Colorado’s toxic “yellow river” may look bad, but it’s just a visual manifestation of a larger problem.

The Internet of Elephant Seals


Vice Motherboard — Strap a satellite tag onto an elephant seal’s head and — voilà! — you have a living oceanographic instrument.

The Robots That Dare to Explore Antarctica’s Frozen Ocean


Vice Motherboard — Sending robots where no human dares to go: Beneath Antarctica’s frozen ice shelves.

GooseBuster to the Rescue


Audubon — Canada Geese be a nuisance. But there’s a humane way to keep them at bay thanks to one determined ornithologist.

Life Finds A Way


Hakai — How will Japan’s new volcanic island turn green?

Intemperate Planet


Nautilus — How Natural Systems Magnify the Effects of Global Warming

Big Moon Jelly Blooms Tied to New Dock Construction


Smithsonian — A floating pier installed off Japan led to a four-fold increase in baby jellies, offering a solid link between structures and blooms

How Methane Fueled a Food Web after the Gulf Oil Spill


Smithsonian Ocean Portal — The Gulf Oil Spill created an unintentional experiment: What happens when millions of barrels of methane spew into the deep ocean?

Honor Before Death? Not For Female Scientists

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Bitch — Marthe Gautier discovered the genetic cause of Down’s Syndrome. But a man took credit for her work and continues to today.

Can a DNA Test for HPV Replace the Pap Smear?


Popular Science — A new test for HPV has been approved as a screen for cervical cancer, but doctors are concerned that it may harm younger women.

Is Drugstore Shampoo Really Inferior To The Pricey Stuff?


Refinery 29 — There are fewer differences between shampoos and conditioners than marketers would have you believe.