About Me

I’m a science writer and internet person with a deep, enduring love for research, storytelling, and ripping into a scientific paper over my morning coffee.

I’m currently employed by the Smithsonian Institution as a web producer, writer and editor for their Ocean Portal website. We’re working to build out the website as an education and news source for the ocean, backed by the scientific expertise of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

I’ve written for The Scientist, Nature Medicine, Scientific American, Smithsonian.com, CBS’s SmartPlanet. Ladybits on Medium, and Genetic Engineering News, covering the breadth of biology–ecology, biomedicine, genetics, and evolution, as well as policy, business, and culture. I’ve written everything from blog posts to news features, Q&As to business briefs.

My award-winning science blog Culturing Science was recruited to the Scientific American blog network when in launched in 2011. At the blog, I write about ecology, natural history and conservation, with a focus on uncovering science missed by major news outlets.

I’m an adept radio personality, and am currently working towards expanding my multimedia portfolio to video and animation.

My scientific background is diverse. I researched the epigenetics of yeast aging at a molecular biology lab at the University of Pennsylvania, studied coastal marine biology on the Oregon coast at Hatfield Marine Science Center, and have done conservation work and ecological research at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in the seaside Wells, Maine.

I’m deeply involved in the online scientific community, mostly through my twitter account, and presented at the Science Online conference in North Carolina in 2011 and 2012 and Science Online Oceans in 2013.

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