Short List

Autism, Authenticated
Nature Medicine Feature (PDF)
Genetic tests for autism are on the market — but do they benefit people with the disorder?

An Unlichenly Pair
The Scientist
A young lichenologist honors his mentor by naming a rare lichen after him.

Drill, Baby, Drill: Sponges Bore Into Shells Twice as Fast in Acidic Seawater News Story
In acidic water, drilling sponges damage scallops twice as quickly, worsening the effects of ocean acidification.

The Joint Collector
The Scientist
Forget stamps: one bioengineer amasses broken artificial joints to learn why they failed and how to build better ones.

Straight Talk with… Steve Brown
Nature Medicine Q&A (PDF)
Geneticist Steve Brown is heading a project to bioengineer thousands of mice, each missing one gene, and to describe their behavior

Cigarette Butts in Nests Deter Bird Parasites
Scientific American Blog Post (edited for print)
Used cigarette filters in nests may protect nestlings

The Dark Matter of Disease
The Scientist News Feature
DNA sequences that don’t encode proteins may, nonetheless, influence disease risk

Media reports of new hypertension study should be taken with a grain of salt
Nature Medicine Blog Post
Mainstream media overhypes a study about the link between salt intake and high blood pressure

Emmeline Hill: Genes for Speed
The Scientist Profile
From horse girl to horse research, Emmeline Hill is undercovering the genetics behind racehorse speed

Better animal models needed for malaria vaccine development, experts say
Nature Medicine Blog Post
Mouse models for malaria haven’t changed since the 1960s — a fact that may be hindering vaccine development

Combination products neglected by FDA device evaluation
Nature Medicine News (PDF)
Combination products–those that are part device, part drug–may be slipping through the cracks at the FDA

Mad Science?
The Scientist News (Formatted version)
A documentary about the research of neuroscientist Robert White goes beyond his macabre head-transplant experiments to highlight his contributions to science

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