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The House Wren: The Unjustly Accused


Audubon — In the 1920s, ornithologist Althea Sherman was horrified to find House Wrens poking holes in the eggs of their neighbors. But is the bird a “demon,” as she claimed?

Honor Before Death? Not For Female Scientists

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Bitch — Marthe Gautier discovered the genetic cause of Down’s Syndrome. But a man took credit for her work and continues to today.

The Enchanting Sea Monsters on Medieval Maps – Smithsonian


  Smithsonian — Fictitious animals on 16th and early 17th century maps hint at how people’s perception of the ocean has changed over time

The Gorgeous Shapes of Sea Butterflies


Smithsonian — Cornelia Kavanagh’s sculptures magnify tiny sea butterflies—ocean acidification’s unlikely mascots—hundreds of times

Amazing Sea Butterflies Are the Ocean’s Canary in the Coal Mine


  Smithsonian — These delicate and stunning creatures are offering Smithsonian scientists a warning sign for the world’s waters turning more acidic