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Deadly Brain Disease Is Driving Swamp Birds Insane


National Geographic — A mysterious disease has been killing ducks and eagles in Florida’s wetlands, and endangered snail kites may be its next victims.

There’s Still Hope for the Great Barrier Reef

Slate — Fixing climate change isn’t the only thing we can do to help the reef recover.

Tensions Rise As Florida’s Fresh Water Grows Scarcer


Audubon — Saltwater seeping from a nuclear power plant underscores the need to restore the Everglades’ natural water flow.

Storks Are Skipping Migration to Stay Home and Eat Garbage


Audubon — It’s hard to blame the birds for choosing junk food in human cities and landfills over thousand-kilometer flights. But will it hurt them in the long run?

A Shot of Lime


Hakai — Lime juice is a cheap and easy way to exterminate crown-of-thorns starfish.

Climate Change May Swallow Albatross’ Nesting Grounds Sooner Than We Thought


Audubon — Bigger storms caused by rising seas will flood seabird nests long before their colonies are actually submerged—and albatrosses may be too stubborn to adapt.

No Birdsong Near Abandoned Colorado Mines


Audubon — Colorado’s toxic “yellow river” may look bad, but it’s just a visual manifestation of a larger problem.

The Internet of Elephant Seals


Vice Motherboard — Strap a satellite tag onto an elephant seal’s head and — voilà! — you have a living oceanographic instrument.

The Robots That Dare to Explore Antarctica’s Frozen Ocean


Vice Motherboard — Sending robots where no human dares to go: Beneath Antarctica’s frozen ice shelves.

Life Finds A Way


Hakai — How will Japan’s new volcanic island turn green?

Intemperate Planet


Nautilus — How Natural Systems Magnify the Effects of Global Warming

Big Moon Jelly Blooms Tied to New Dock Construction


Smithsonian — A floating pier installed off Japan led to a four-fold increase in baby jellies, offering a solid link between structures and blooms